BitCro Monetization Solutions for Windows Software and Desktop Applications

BitCro Monetization Solutions for Windows Software and Desktop Applications

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Search is the only constant thing in the ever-changing global environment. We search to consume information and buy products. If you have a desktop or windows application with a search capability, we can help to monetize the software application through our search monetization services. After integrating our smart search settings in your search module of the application, you can make money with search software & application at a constant rate.

How Does It Work? (Software Monetization)
  • step 1--> We partner with you and implement our solution in the search module of your desktop or windows application.
  • Step 2--> Customers download your application and use your search bar to search for any keyword (product or information)
  • Step 3--> BitCro's smart search settings redirect the user to a premium paid Yahoo search feed. This feed is the sub-set of the original Yahoo search feed for this particular keyword. It only contains most relevant links matching the user query.
  • Step 4--> User will click on any page.
  • Step 5--> A click will be registered under the back end panel of the application. The number of clicks will define your profit or revenue generated through this module. With the real-time analytic back end panel, you can easily track everything you need to enjoy a hassle-free, genuine, and constant money making system.
  • Step 6---> Users will see a customized home page with search bar when they open their browser next time. If they use this home page to search and click for any information/product, you will also make money. Every new tab will feature this customized home page and the default search will work through the BitCro's smart search engine filter. For this step, the user need not to search from your desktop application. If they click, it will register a click under your analytic panel.

So, if you have just launched your new desktop application OR looking to monetize your existing desktop/windows application, our services/solutions can help. Please fill the contact form and we will get back to you! We will discuss the requirements over e-mail and Skype to integrate a customized monetization solution in your application.